Send us photos... get 20% off

Have you recently made a purchase from us? Or are planning to? Then why not take the opportunity after you have made your garment, to show off your work.... send us some photos of the finished garment being worn so that we can upload it on our website..

We are ideally looking for a set of clear photo's: front, side and back view of the garment either on a body or mannequin. If the photo's are approved, we will send you a discount code for 20% off you next Pattern Shop purchase.

The discount code will not expire and you can use it on any one product. You can use each code once. We will send you ONE code per each SET of photos. So if you have several patterns made up that were bought from us, please upload sets of photos of them all and you will receive several codes, enabling you to buy several more fabulous patterns at a fabulous discounted 20% off've earned it!

By sending us the image(s) you agree that we can use the photos for product promotion purposes.