Sizing and Measurements Guide

International Sizes

We advise you to go by body measurements to ensure that you are purchasing the correct size. However, in order to give you a rough idea of what the measurements translate to in further international standard sizes, please refer to the sizing chart below.


Sizing is provided in both centimetres (cm) and inches (inch). The international abbreviation code is as follows:

Measuring up

Our sizing is made up of the following body measurements: Height, Bust, Underbust, Waist, Hip and Full Hip. The diagram below displays the exact points on the body for you to obtain your correct body measurements. When measuring your body, please ensure to use a tape measure and hold the tape measure to the skin the whole way around the body part you are measuring. The only measurement you do not do this on is the 'Full Hip'. See image and text below diagram for further info on 'Full Hip'

FAQ: What is the difference between Hip and Full Hip? 

-Hip is the circumference of your hips, holding the tape measure to the skin the whole way around. 

-Full Hip is the circumference of your hips, plus any belly protrusion. You can measure this by holding a ruler or something flat against your tummy, so that the protrusion is taken down to the same level as your hips. Measure around both your buttocks and side of hips and also take the measuring tape around the ruler or flat objection while it is in position (reflecting the protrusion of the belly at the same level as the hips). See picture below for clear understanding.